Newport Dodo Birds 9" C14651 (180 pk/case) 11" C14652 102 pk/case) 14" C14653 (48 pk/case) 18" C14654 (22 pk/case) 20" C14655 (16 pk/case) 26" C14656 (8 pk/case) 32" C14657 (4 pk/case) 40" C14658 (2 pk/case)
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Newport Dodo Birds
Newport Dodo Bird (2 Assorted Colors). Sizes 9 to 40". It's fun and games with Fiesta's AMUSEMENT and GAMES plush line of stuffed toys and animals. For over 40 years, Fiesta has designed retail and redemption stuffed animals for several of the largest amusement parks, arcades, and entertainment venues in the US. Fiesta offers a variety of popular plush animals and characters in many family sizes.
Item #  C14656

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